domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2012

FIRST GRADUATE OF THE LEVEL I IN PIFEC: Dr. Rita Pires (city of Castelo Branco)

Dr. Rita Pires, degree in philosophy from the University of Beira Interior (city of Covilha - Portugal), was the first graduate to successfully complete the level I of PIFEC - "Individual Program Training and Certification in Philosophical Counseling" at e-learning format and distance.

The PIFEC is an innovative Program that strives for low cost and proximity to support the learning of skills in the area of ​​Philosophical Counseling. The methodology is the online tutoring and the definition of an "individual plan of work", adapted to the real needs of the forming/student and can be performed in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

Dr. Rita Pires also has professional experience in the field of Philosophy for Children, in the College «João de Deus», in the portuguese city of Castelo Branco.

More info about our on-line Courses and Certification (PIFEC): click HERE