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It happened last Wednesday, April 9th at the University of Algarve. Presented by PHD Jorge Humberto Dias, the theme was “Skills to Happiness”. Expert in a subject that is nowadays becoming extremely fashionable, he is the first doctorate in Portugal studying and trying to bring to the general public a better understanding of WHAT happiness is, and HOW we should aim to reach it.
Coming across as a happy communicator, he presented to the audience Happiness from the point of view of the expert. Not only did he share curiosities, like the colour that is linked with happiness (orange), the flower representing this concept (orange lilies), publicity, movies and music where we come across this subject, but also the growing importance this matter has nowadays. He highlighted that, for the 1st time in history, United Nations accepted a proposal from Butan, and declared the past 20th of March the official date to celebrate Happiness. Bringing up the position of other disciplines towards Happiness, like Neuroscience, Psychology and Philosophy, he showed that the same word can change in meaning, bringing different concepts of the same reality according to the scope, beliefs and perspectives behind it.
Based in what he calls the «PROJECT@ Method», he points several skills as key to the success of every individual project. From this point of view it is possible to every single person to pursue happiness in a very practical and rational way. In consequence, he presented to the audience what he called the equation for happiness (Fx=Px+Cx) and supported this PROJECT@ with a specific methodology framed by 6 distinct points.
Supporting his studies and further conclusions on previous work developed by Julian Marias (contemporary Spanish thinker that died in 2005), Professor Jorge Humberto Dias highlighted that this Philosopher was the one that spent more time about Happiness. Devoting a great part of his life studying this subject, his work is presented in more than 300 pages, which makes him one of the key figures in the academic world. Pointing important factors that can affect this Project, he mentioned envy, egoism, lack of freedom, materialism and precarious organizational conditions (family, work, community) as elements that can compromise the success of the Project.
Doctor Dias is now on the process of studying envy in more detail and further studies might be presented in the future. According to his words envy is “an extremely powerful element that can undermineany chance of success and can jeopardise any potential Project”.
According to the words of Professor Jorge Humberto Dias, there are several skills that he feels essential to the success of each Project: a deep understanding of the new technologies, languages knowledge (e.g. English), autonomy, creativity and objectivity, side by side with a certain level of specialization, a balanced pears network and a relevant CV/ Presentation letter.
Just before he finished, and bearing in mind the group of students standing in the audience, hehighlighted the extreme importance, in an extremely competitive society,of standing out from the crowd in a positive way.
After all, happiness is something achievable but requires a certain amount of hard work, rationality and self-knowledge.  The tools are out there to be used and it’s up to the individual to gain the necessary expertise to be happy in an effective way. 

Maria Lima


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